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Grete Eliassen

Birthday: 19. september, 1986
Hometown: Minnesota & Norway
Sport: Ski
Other Sponsors: Armada, Red, Tecnica, Dakine, Windells and Swix.

Up Close & Personal

  1. Number of years participating in your sport: 2 years competition.
  2. When did you start your sport? 2 or 3 years old
  3. Years as a professional: 2 years
  4. Who / What inspires you? Oprah Winfrey, music, good people and smiles.
  5. If you were not a pro skier you would be?  More of a student, like my lil sis Kirsten.
  6. What are your favorite songs currently loaded onto your Thump? I no longer have a thump it was stolen.
  7. What is more important to you than skiing? Not much except family and friends.
  8. Do you have any other special talents (music / write / draw / paint)?  I seem to like organzing things, maybe not cleaning all the time, but I don’t hate organizing.
  9. To me, Oakley is: soooo frik’n awesome!!
  10. Favorite:
    • Bands: “Ooohhh Ahhhh” The Grits.
    • Films: One Step Closer to Jesus (The DVD Collection).
    • Books: Clan of the Cave Bears.
    • TV Shows: Beverly Hills 90210 (R.I.P.).
    • Drink: Ginger Ale
  11. What move / trick are you working on? Still perfecting the spread eagle.
  12. 5 Items I can't live without: Cellphone, Passports, VISA, Powerbook and Toothbrush.
  13. If you could be someone famous, who would you be? Oprah Winfrey or Hot Totti.
  14. Party animal or mellow TV on the couch? I can do both, but I really like the couch.
  15. Any last words? I love U!...yea YOU!

Born: Sept. 19 1986

From: Salt Lake City, UT

Spin direction: left

Sponsors: Oakley, Head, Tecnica, Dakine, Swix, Kicker, Zune, Nike 6.0,

Best results:
1st US Open 2004
1st US Open 2005
1st US Open 2006
1st US Open 2007 (Halfpipe)
2 X Games Gold Medals
1 X Games Silver Medal
1st European Open 2007
1st Nippon Open 2007

Films she is in:
- Ski Porn (PBP)
- Strike (
- Independance (
- X=10 (PBP)
- Pass it On (BRF)
-  Oh Yea! (Sprellskogen)
- Volume 12 (volumemagazine)
- Equipment?

Ski: G.E. Pro

Poles: Swix

Bindings: Tyrolia

Boots: Tecnica

Clothing: Oakley

Goggles: Oakley

Helmet: Yes, I wear one.

- Favourite:

Movie? Night at the Roxberry

Music? hip-hop/rap

Food? chinese and pizza

Country? USA/Norway

Trick? Spread Eagles

Other sports? water-skiing, wakeboard, golf, tennis Sports you

Don't do? Running.. Yuck!

When not skiing? School, golf, water stuff

Biggest influence? Oprah

Winfrey & TRINA Next season? Ski, Ski, Ski, Ski

Skiing's about? FUN! :)

Forgot something? Hey Kirsten! Never forget you!

Grete currently lives in Utah attending The University of Utah while pursuing a career as the top Freeride woman in the world. Her most notable victories include two Winter X-Games Gold Medals. Recent achievements from last season consist of 1st Place at the “If Ullr was a Girl” Contest, 1st Place at the US Open Halfpipe, 1st Place at the European Open Halfpipe, 1st Place Nippon Open Halfpipe, “Powder Magazine’s” “2007 Best Female Video Award” and 2nd Place in the Winter X-Games.

Latest/Best Career Results:
2007 Crowned Ullr Girl
2007 1st US Open Halfpipe
2007 1st Nippon Open Halfpipe
2007 1st European Open Halfpipe
2007 2nd X games
2007 Performance of the Year (Powder Awards)
2007 Slay’n it Award (Skiing Magazine)
2006 1st US Open Slopestyle
2006 1st X games Halfpipe
2005 1st US Open Slopestyle
2005 1st X games Halfpipe

Film Appearances:
Ski Porn (PBP), Strike (, Volume Magazine 13 & 14, Oh Yea (Sprellskogen), X (PBP)

Favourite Trick: Spread Eagles

Favourite Ski Resort: Park City, Snowbird, Alta

Favourite holiday Resort: Park City, Snowbird, Alta

Favourite Music: Trina

Favourite Sports: Skiing, golf, tennis, baseball, water-skiing, wake-boarding, surfing

Other Hobbies: Well, when I’m not skiing I’m going to school at the University of Utah. I’m a nerd!

Favourite Food: Burritos

Favourite Drink: Dr. Pepper or Simply Lemonade

Favourite Website:

Personal Goal: Be happy!

Skiing Goal: Have fun!

Best day in life: Laying on the dock at the lake

Dream: Be a happy person

What’s hot?: Kelly “You can’t text message break up”

What’s not?: Kelly “Lets get some shoes”

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