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Sammy Carlson

Nickname: Sammy, Pasty C
Age: 18
Specialty (ies): Park & Pipe
Nationality: American
Home Mountains: Mt.Hood, Oregon, Timberline and Windells Camp
Other Sports/Hobbies: Peeing in public pools
Your Skis: Thrusters
Terrain Park: Meadows and Mammoth
Backcountry: Whistler
Best Session of last season: Keystone with Abma. There were hardly any skiers there and we just kept lapping the park with snowmobiles and MSP was there.
Tricks I am working on: In general, I'm trying to work on a more creative style and keep it fresh all the time. Working on Switch Right 10's and lots of grabs.
Favorite Performance from last season: X Games!!
Riders (except you!) to watch: Pollard
Other skiers to ride with:  All the guys at Hood, and Windells Crew, Luke Van Valen
Music to ride to:  Good rap beats
Own Ski movie segment: Rage films, Poorboyz, MSP
Best ski movie:  too many good ones
Dreams/goals with your skiing or the ski industry in general:  Winning the X-games and meeting lots of cool kids and getting them pumped on skiing
Freestyle skiing in the future:  Getting the respect snowboarders get right now
Best Results
1 Whistler Ski Invitational SlopeStyle 2007, Stockholm King Of Style 2006
2 X-Games SlopeStyle 2007, US Open Slopestyle 2006
3 US Open Big Air 2007, Laax Freeski Open Pipe 2007, Japan Open SlopeStyle 2007
4 US Open Big Air 2006, Gravity Games Slopestyle 2005
5 WSI Slopestyle 2005

Sammy is truly an up and coming star of Freestyle! At the age of 17, this young American already has impressive style and great results to his name with a notable 2nd place at the US Upen Slope Style 2006. He has proved to be one of the most talented riders of his generation: he rocks a part in the Poor Boyz Production, has already ridden the best spots in Europe (with the Olenick brothers): a rider to watch out for in the future!

How and where do you train this summer? How do you feel?

I trained all summer long at home on Mt Hood. I love skiing up there, its home to me and the people are the coolest, its just got good vibes all summer long so it makes for great training time.
What are your goals for this winter concerning contests? New Tricks? Shooting and filming?
Iam definitely focusing a lot on the X-Games, I want todo well there again, after the major competitions are out ofthe way I am stoked to get out in the back country andfilm a really well rounded segment. I didn’t have anytime last year to get a good back country segment done,so this year I want to make up for it in a major way.
What will you be doing in 10 years?
I would imagine I will still be skiing, and if not hopefully working in the ski industry, otherwise I have no idea.
Any tips for the kids out there that want to be pro skiers?
It seems like a lot of kids today are moreconcerned about getting sponsored when there out thereriding rather than focusing on what skiing is allabout. Kids should just go skiing with there friends and love skiing and do what feels fun to them on skis rather then trying to learn a kangy flip just because Jons doing one. If you get sponsored, you do, if you don't, you don't. Its something that just sort of happens.

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