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Simon Dumont

Nickname: The Dumont
Age: 21
Specialties: Half Pipe/ Slopestyle
Nationality: American
Home Mountains: Sunday River
Sports/Hobbies: Chowin, collecting magic cards.
-Your Skis
: The Dumont / Pro Model
-Spots to ride parks, pipe: Mammoth Mountain, California
-Spots to ride back country: St Anton, Austria
-Riders to watch (besides you!): Sarah Burke, Ashley Battersby, Michelle Parker, Kristi Leskinen
-Riders to ride with:  everyone, TJ
-Music to ride with: Hip Hop
-Own ski movie segment: …
-Other riders ski movie segment: Pep Fujas from Session 1242
-Sports besides skiing: Handball, men’s field Hockey
-Dreams: skier’s make ban like rapper! 

1 Honda Ski Tour Squaw Valley, Sun Valley, Aspen 2007;
X-Games Super Pipe 2005 & 2004
2 X-Games SuperPipe 2007, Laax Freeski Open SlopeStyle & Pipe 2007, Ice Air urban Contest 2006, Gravity Games Slopestyle 2005
3 X-Games SuperPipe 2006, Gravity Games Superpipe 2005
4 X-Games Slopestyle 2005, US Open Slopestyle 2003
5 US Open Slopestyle 2005 & Big Air 2003 


Two-time winner of the X-Games Super Pipe in 2004 & 2005 and again on the podium in 2006, Simon Dumont has become one of the new uncontested stars of the discipline! Capable of pushing his limits even further with runs of more and more incredible amplitude, this young American is also talented in slopestyle with a notable 2nd place at the Gravity Games and 4th at the X-Games in 2005. Equipped with pure style and mental force, Simon has also expressed himself in backcountry for the past 2 years with great sessions in Europe where he also finds the time to win contests like the Laax Open 2006! With his talent and focus, Simon pushes the limits of Freestyle and should impress us again in 2007!


You have won numerous medals at huge comps, traveled all over the world, landed major endorsements from solid sponsors and more. Where do you see yourself and your career going from here?
I am starting to feel like and old man at the age of 20, which is weird because at 20 in most sports you are still considered a rookie. At 20 in the sport of freeskiing, I would say u are at your prime with lots of eyes on you with high expectations... which would seem like a lot of pressure but I am doing what I love so I can deal with it.

I feel like this is the year where I have to prove myself as a person and a skier. I have won 2 golds in pipe which I am very proud of but I would like to be known as someone that has pushed the limits of freeskiing in all aspects. I would love to medal in both events at the X-games this year and hold the title of Ski Tour champion.

I am also in the process of trying to create my own ski comp in hopes that it will be very different and unique from others, and help to grow the sport of freeskiing. It is going to be the busiest year of my ski career as of yet!
Comp's are not the only thing that I would like to focus on. Filming and becoming a better skier are important to me as well. I am from the east coast so I have not been as fortunate as most skiers when it comes to skiing powder/backcountry. I am hoping I can get in the backcountry with the likes of Abma and Douglas again. I feel like I can learn more from skiing with these people in one day than I can from skiing 2 weeks of pow by myself !

So by the end of next year I hope I can feel comfortable enough to venture to Alaska, and end up with a good video segment.

This was the first year you filmed with Matchstick Productions. Tell us about that experience and will you be filming with them in the future? Matchstick is very professional and they never miss shots. This is great to know because not only can the filmer have confidence that you are going to ski allright, but you can have confidence in your filmers which is an important relationship to have...
I will definitely be filming with these guys again...

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